PreciouStatus presents itself as a simple, powerful, mobile app connecting families to educators and child care providers anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Family members receive private, real-time photos, updates and bulletins – for pre-schoolers, K-12 students, medical patients and veterans – from the education and/or healthcare professionals charting their progress.

“PreciouStatus saves me 90% of the time I spent attempting to communicate with parents — and does it better.” Sally D., kindergarten teacher

The PreciouStatus Story

We don’t believe our story is the most important or interesting part of what we do. After all, we exist to tell other people’s stories — every day, moment by moment, through the pictures and updates communicated through our app.

Still, we are proud of the work we do. The PreciouStatus app is used on six continents, has received eight international and national awards and continues to garner “5×5” ratings (the highest score available) from our customers. We seek constant input from our vast network of customers and users, and make regular software updates to continually improve and enhance their experience.

All that said, if you’re curious how we came to be and want to learn more about who we are, we invite you to keep reading.

The Ultimate Mission

While some companies exist solely to turn a profit or fill a marketplace need, we founded PreciouStatus in 2010 with a singular mission: to connect families with educators and caregivers, ultimately helping children, students and patients achieve better results.

Knowing that many of our potential customers and users come from varying socioeconomic and technology backgrounds, we established two guiding principles to serve as a foundation for how we operate:

  • Our app is always 100% free for parents and families, with nominal monthly fees for the organizations that select us as their care and communication technology partner.
  • Our app is always compatible on both Apple and Android operating systems, allowing the vast majority of families, teachers, caregivers and facilities to use their existing smartphones and tablets – avoiding the cost of new devices.

Committed to Kids

We began with a focus on education and childcare, fueled by the belief that engaged parents and committed teachers are keys to early childhood development and scholastic success. And, fueled by the mission to elevate every child and eliminate the achievement gap. Word quickly spread within communities, schools and childcare centers around the globe. Today our app is deployed in thousands of schools and centers, where tens of thousands of teachers and childcare providers engage millions of parents in the daily progress of their children. Families love receiving activity updates, fun photos and progress reports. Teachers tell us they appreciate the simplicity, ease of use and time-saving benefits. In fact, studies have shown teachers can create up to fifteen hours per week of additional capacity simply by using the app in their classrooms.

Helping with Healthcare

With a growing list of delighted families and schools, we turned our attention to the second pillar of the PreciouStatus mission: healthcare. Using the same backbone of innovative technology and award-winning features, our healthcare app helps connect families and patients to the various medical professionals and providers assisting in their care and recovery. It has proven particularly valuable in continuing care, where providers and families often struggle to provide a smooth transition from hospitalization or inpatient care to transitional housing and/or independent living.

Serving those who Serve

Finally, we feel fortunate to use the PreciouStatus technology in yet another powerful way: helping military personnel and veterans. Our app is used to forge safe, secure connections with loved ones’ healthcare progress. It is also used to help veterans, their families and their care providers improve communication and collaboration. Our entire PreciouStatus team is humbled by this amazing opportunity – to serve those who serve for all of us.