Technology is a wonderful tool that can help us raise our children, as long as it is used well, in moderation and with caution. Children in formation are the most influenced by the experiences they have with smart devices and technological games.

Therefore, we must take precautions so that our children do not fall into the clutches of porn or malicious people, who could ask them for photos or videos of teen nude to post on the Internet and negatively affect them for the rest of their lives.

It is necessary to have clear conversations with our children about the good and bad of technology, as well as to take actions to make them have a good management of technology and be prepared for the famous social engineering.

Monitor the content they see:

A very big concern nowadays is the presence of unscrupulous people who manage to convince teenagers to share all their information and then use it to traffic teen porn of your children and their naked bodies, etc.

Fortunately, there are many devices and applications on the market for our electronic devices that allow us to filter the content that can be accessed from those devices, as well as allow us to have a record of what they are doing online.

Monitor the content they watch

Limit the time of exposure to technology:

If you don’t take precautions and set limits, technology can kill family time. Limits include rules such as no technology devices in children’s rooms, no technology at meal times. Technology is a real force in the home. Therefore, if reasonable limits are not set, it will end up dominating everyone’s time.

Unfortunately, technology despite being very helpful can be addictive at a very young age, in fact the chances of your child pressuring you to give them a cell phone at age eleven are quite high, but don’t fall into the trap, they are not ready for it yet! It is important that you first do an analysis of how you use technology and what kind of example you are setting for your child.

Be a better version of your parents

Prevent technology from becoming a danger to your child!